The Baltic on a budget

Northern Europe may not have the reputation of being the cheapest holiday destination, however, there are plenty activities which are free of charge or suitable for small budgets.


Free walking tours
Many of the Cruise Baltic destinations have free walking tours which give you the opportunity to learn about the cities’ history and main attractions. The guides are not paid so a tip is expected at the end of the tour.

The tours are, for instance, available in Helsinki, Oslo, Malmö, Stockholm, Gdansk, Tallinn, and Copenhagen.

Art, fountains, parks, open air swimming pools – Aalborg has a lot of free or cheap activities to offer.
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Panoramic views, the deer park, and many museums and exhibitions – Aarhus won’t get boring on a budget.
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Discover the Botanical Garden, join a community dinner or jump in the clean waters of Copenhagen’s canals.
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Go treasure hunting, pet a fish, or learn about the animals living in the water.
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Explore the archipelago and the canals for only a small amount of money, or join a workshop at the Art Centre.
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Visit the open-air markets and try local delicacies, attend a free concert in the park or go and check out the Art Nouveau architecture.
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Free culture and art festivals, museums, historic food halls, improv comedy shows – and much, much more.
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Pancake stacks for little money, panoramic views and the exciting streets of the Old Town to explore.
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Catch a free ferry to Fårö, Gotland's smaller neighbouring island, and enjoy sandy beaches and magnificient views.
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