Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Travel Agent's Treasure Trove

Become a Bosnia and Herzegovina insider! Our innovative Online Travel Agent Academy offers a deep dive into this captivating destination.

Uncover 15 engaging modules packed with information about Bosnia and Herzegovina's diverse offerings, unique experiences, and hidden treasures. This program will equip you with the knowledge to craft unforgettable itineraries for your clients, catering to a variety of travel styles.

Graduate as a Certified BiH Specialist and gain a deeper understanding of the destination to enhance your travel expertise. And, there are even exciting rewards for those who complete the program!

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Academy

    Complete the 5 courses within and learn more about Bosnia and Herzegov... More info

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  • Climbing Regions

    Learn about the climbing Regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More info

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  • Cuisine

    Learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina's cuisine! More info

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  • Culture and History

    Learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina's culture and history! More info

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  • Getting to know Bosnia and Herzegovina Course

    Introduce yourself to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the undiscovered gem of ... More info

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  • Herzegovina Wine Route

    Learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina's Wine Route! More info

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  • Natural Beauty

    Learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina's natural beauty! More info

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  • Seasonal Fun

    Learn about the fun activities you can get participate in during Bosni... More info

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