UPDATE  As of 1 April 2022, fully vaccinated travellers can enter Singapore quarantine-free and on any flight. There is no requirement to apply for any vaccinated travel passes or do any Covid tests upon arrival. For more details, please refer to the Safe Travel website here.

Dear Travel Colleague,

Come discover Singapore and see for yourself how it is constantly evolving, reinventing and reimagining itself, by people who are passionate about creating new possibilities.  

More than just a destination, this training course is designed to help you encounter all the possibilities which Singapore can offer you and your clients when you come to visit. Whether you wish to taste something different, discover intriguing places, or experience the rich tapestry of arts and culture, you will find that Singapore has something for everyone. It is a place where passions and possibilities meet.

For further information on the exciting things to do, visit and see in Singapore, visit www.visitsingapore.com.

We hope you enjoy learning the captivating charms of Singapore and look forward to welcoming you and your clients soon!

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